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Getting arrested on a weapons charge is a serious offense that can negatively affect your life for years to come, even if you don’t serve jail time. While Ohio has more lenient gun laws than many other states, there are still serious repercussions for individuals found misusing weapons. If you’ve been arrested on a weapons offense in Central Ohio, you need the best legal defense to ensure that the charges are dismissed. O’Leary Law Office can help. A Circleville weapons attorney will guide you through the process and work towards the best possible outcome. 

Gun Laws & Weapons Charges in Ohio

Ohio is an “open carry” state. This means that you may openly carry a firearm in public without obtaining a permit or license. Ohio law prohibits exercising this right in certain places (e.g. vehicles, anywhere alcohol is served) and restricts certain classes of people from possessing firearms at all (e.g fugitives, certain felons, chronic alcoholics). Ohio is also a “shall issue” state. This means that the issuing authority (county sheriff) must issue a permit to carry a concealed firearm provided the applicant meets the criteria set out by law. There are likewise a number of laws that impact how, when, and where you exercise this right. Any holder of a concealed carry permit is expected to know and comply with these laws at all times. Despite the required classes and training necessary to obtain the concealed carry permit, people often run afoul of what the law permits – particularly out of state permit holders traveling through Ohio. When individuals are found infringing on these restrictions, they are often indicted on weapons charges. If you’ve been charged with firearms violations in Central Ohio, a Circleville weapons offense attorney can ensure that you receive a fair trial with the best defense possible.

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Types of Firearm Offenses in Ohio

While responsible gun owners typically don’t need to worry about weapons charges, accidents can happen. Common firearm and weapons offenses in Ohio include:

  • Carrying concealed weapons
  • Possession of a firearm in beer liquor permit premises
  • Illegal conveyance or possession of a deadly weapon in a school safety zone
  • Illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into a courthouse
  • Having a Weapon Under Disability
  • Using weapons while intoxicated
  • Improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle
  • Discharge of a firearm near prohibited premises

The criminal penalties for weapons charges in Ohio vary from case to case and often depend on whether the individual has previously been convicted of a firearm or other violent offense, the location that it was committed, and whether the person was licensed to carry. A criminal conviction for some of these weapons offenses can disqualify you from possessing or carrying a firearm.

O’Leary Law Office’s Circleville Weapons Charges Attorneys

At O’Leary Law Office, I’m committed to ensuring the free exercise of your 2nd Amendment rights. A Circleville weapons attorney will protect your constitutional rights by providing effective legal advice, negotiating on your behalf, and defending you in court. Weapons charges are extremely serious and can have lasting effects on your life, even if no jail time is served. If you’ve been charged with a weapons offense, contact the criminal defense attorney at O’Leary Law Office today for more information and a free consultation.

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