Assault, Abuse, Neglect, and Domestic Violence Attorney in Circleville

When your life has been impacted by assault, abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, you need an attorney you can trust to handle your case. The O’Leary Law Office represents clients who have been victims as well as those who are charged with abuse and assault.

These cases are delicate and often emotionally charged, requiring thorough legal expertise and a compassionate approach. Our principal attorney, Matthew O’Leary, is an experienced abuse lawyer in Circleville who treats clients with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and empathy, working diligently to ensure their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

With a strong commitment to seeking protection and justice for our clients, we provide comprehensive legal representation for victims and those who have been accused of assault.

Understanding Abuse, Neglect, Assault, and Domestic Violence

Abuse, neglect, assault, and domestic violence cases come with unique complexities and require a nuanced understanding of the law. The O’Leary Law Office is well-versed in various types of law that intersect with abuse cases, including family, criminal, and personal injury law, allowing us to handle each case with expertise and precision.

Being a victim of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or assault can be an extremely traumatic and unsettling experience. As a domestic violence lawyer in Circleville, we offer compassionate support throughout the legal process, helping you navigate your case and protect your safety and reputation under difficult circumstances.

Cases We Handle as an Abuse Attorney in Circleville

Matthew O’Leary has experience handling various types of cases that involve abuse, neglect, assault, and domestic violence.


Many cases of assault, neglect, and domestic violence are considered abuse. Abuse can include, but is not limited to:

  • Child abuse. Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of children, whether within the family or in institutional settings.
  • Elder abuse. Individuals who have faced physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or by family members.
  • Domestic violence. People who have been threatened or physically or emotionally harmed by spouses, partners, or family members. 


Neglect is a type of abuse and can include child neglect, elder neglect, and neglect in hospital or long-term care settings. Even if you’re not sure if your case involves neglect, consulting with an experienced neglect lawyer in Circleville can help you understand the nuances of abuse and neglect, evaluate your case, and seek the justice you deserve.

Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is defined as violence between partners, spouses, or family members and can include:

  • Spousal abuse. Spousal abuse happens among both men and women and includes psychological and emotional abuse, physical abuse, economic abuse, and technological abuse (using technology to stalk or harass another person).
  • Intimate partner violence. Married couples aren’t the only ones who can experience domestic violence. Threats, violence, or abuse in non-marital relationships can also qualify as domestic violence.
  • Sexual abuse and assault. Domestic violence can include people who have experienced sexual abuse, assault, and attempted or threatened sexual abuse and assault in relationships or family settings.


Assault is illegal and includes the act of physically harming or threatening another person. A physical injury does not need to occur for assault to exist. Assault can include:

  • The intention or an attempt to cause harm.
  • Pretending to harm a person, such as fake punching or kicking.
  • Actions that scare or intimidate another person.
  • Threats to a victim, whether they are meant as a joke or not.
  • Spitting or throwing things at someone, even if they do not make contact.
  • Showing weapons or insinuating that a weapon will be used.

If you believe you have been assaulted or are being charged with assault, contact an assault attorney in Circleville to discuss your case.

How The O’Leary Law Office Can Help

Our first goal in cases of assault, abuse, neglect, and domestic violence is to protect you and your loved ones’ safety. Whether that involves seeking a restraining order, helping you secure the resources you need to protect yourself, or seeking new housing, we are here to help every step of the way.

We approach each case with meticulous attention to detail, always listening to you and asking questions to understand the situation at hand. By gathering crucial evidence, we build a strong case that will help us protect you, show your side of the story, and deter future abusive behavior.

Although many cases can be handled outside of court, we never hesitate to fight for our clients in court if necessary. If you or a loved one are victims of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or assault, The O’Leary Law Office is here to support you.

Together, we will fight for justice, hold the responsible parties accountable, and seek compensation for damages. 

Schedule a Consultation With an Assault Lawyer in Circleville

Whether you are facing charges of abuse and neglect or have been a victim of domestic violence, The O’Leary Law Office provides comprehensive legal representation and expertise to support you. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential phone consultation with an abuse attorney in Circleville to discuss your case and explore your legal options.