Landlord and Tenant Lawyer in Circleville, Ohio

Landlord and tenant disputes are some of the most common legal matters in court today. Whether you are a landlord needing assistance with lease review or a tenant facing an eviction or breach of contract, The O’Leary Law Office can help.

Our principal attorney, Matthew O’Leary, has over 15 years of experience fighting for landlord and tenant rights in Ohio. Housing issues can significantly impact your life and your livelihood, but you don’t have to navigate this alone. A landlord attorney in Circleville can help protect your rights, fight your case, and protect your housing.

Understanding Landlord-Tenant Law

Both landlords and tenants have protected legal rights. Landlords have the right to enforce lease terms, collect rent, pursue evictions, and retain security deposits under specific circumstances. Tenants have the right to habitable living conditions and privacy, to dispute unfair practices, and, in certain cases, to withhold the rent.

Whether you feel your rights as a tenant or a landlord have been violated or you need assistance reviewing or drafting a lease, The O’Leary Law Office provides the legal guidance you need. As a tenant attorney in Circleville, we are committed to ensuring justice and fair practices for our clients.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes We Can Assist You With

There are many reasons both landlords and tenants seek legal advice. Landlord-tenant disputes we can assist you with include:

  • Discrimination. Landlords are legally required not to discriminate against tenants based on their race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of tenants are denied housing every year because of discrimination.
  • Eviction. Tenants may have disputes over an eviction, eviction notice, or illegal eviction attempts by landlords.
  • Illegal activity. A landlord or tenant may have disputes about unlawful activity on the property, such as drug-related or criminal behavior.
  • Lease violations and disputes. Unsafe conditions, illegal lockouts, unauthorized subletting, and property damage can all be considered lease violations.
  • Maintenance and repairs. Landlords and tenants may disagree regarding the responsibility for repairs, maintenance delays, or failure to comply with health and safety standards.
  • Non-payment of rent. If a tenant fails to pay the rent according to the agreed terms, a landlord may seek payment in court.
  • Rent increases. Rent increases are expected in most housing situations, but sometimes, rent increases are excessive or violate local housing laws.
  • Security deposit disputes. Landlords are obligated to return the security deposit at the end of the tenancy, but renters may disagree if the landlord withholds the deposit due to property damage.

How a Landlord Attorney in Circleville Can Help

When a tenant dispute has impacted your livelihood, it’s time to seek help from an attorney. At The O’Leary Law Office, we take an exhaustive approach to your case, starting with understanding the dispute at hand.

We assess your specific situation, including a detailed review of your lease agreement, and help you understand your rights and options. While we can settle many cases outside of court, we don’t hesitate to fight your case in court if necessary.

As a landlord lawyer in Circleville, Matthew O’Leary has comprehensive knowledge of the specific laws and ordinances in Ohio and different counties, allowing him to provide accurate and practical guidance in your case.

Protecting Tenant Rights and Housing

As a tenant lawyer in Circleville, Matthew O’Leary represents tenants facing lease disputes, rent increases, discrimination, and unlawful lease termination or eviction. We start by reviewing your lease agreement to ensure it is fair and lawful.

If you are a tenant looking for housing, we can work on your behalf to negotiate lease terms with the landlord, ensuring that the agreement benefits you and complies with local housing laws.

We can also represent you in mediation proceedings with landlords or property management, helping you protect your rights and keep your housing. No matter what issue you’re facing as a renter, The O’Leary Law Office is here for you.

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