Facing fraud or theft charges in Circleville can be confusing, overwhelming, and stressful when considering the possible consequences you may have to endure in the future. Hiring a dedicated Circleville fraud and theft defense attorney can make a significant impact on your case’s outcome and pursue the most favorable outcome.

Matthew O’Leary at O’Leary Law Firm in Circleville, Ohio is here to build a robust defense, challenge evidence, and explore every legal avenue for your future’s sake.

Understanding Fraud or Theft Charges and Their Penalties in Circleville

Consulting a legal professional for advice specific to your situation is crucial to understanding the details and severity of the charges against you. Whether your charges result in a misdemeanor or felony will determine the potential sentencing, with the most extreme cases imposing up to 11 years in prison. A fraud and theft defense attorney will interpret the legal jargon surrounding your charges. Common fraud and theft charges in Ohio include:

  • Petty Theft / Petty Theft by Deception (Misdemeanor):
    • Theft of property or services valued at less than $1,000.
    • Penalties: Misdemeanor of the first degree, with potential fines and imprisonment up to 180 days.
  • Shoplifting:
    • Stealing merchandise from a store.
    • Penalties: Similar to petty theft, but there may be additional consequences depending on store policies and the value of the stolen items.
  • Grand Theft (Felony):
    • Theft of property or services valued at $1,000 or more.
    • Penalties: Felony charges with potential fines and imprisonment, the severity of which depends on the value of the stolen property.
  • Identity Theft:
    • Unauthorized use of someone’s personal information for fraudulent purposes.
    • Penalties: Varies depending on the severity of the crime, but it can range from misdemeanors to felonies with significant fines and imprisonment.
  • Forgery:
    • Altering, making, or using a fake document with the intent to defraud.
    • Penalties: Can range from misdemeanors to felonies, with fines and imprisonment.
  • Credit Card Fraud:
    • Unauthorized use of someone’s credit card information.
    • Penalties: Felony charges with fines and imprisonment, depending on the amount of financial loss incurred.
  • Embezzlement:
    • Misappropriation of funds entrusted to someone for personal use.
    • Penalties: Felony charges with fines and imprisonment, based on the amount embezzled.
  • Robbery:
    • Theft involving the use of force, threat, or intimidation.
    • Penalties: Felony charges with significant fines and imprisonment.
  • Burglary:
    • Unauthorized entry into a building with the intent to commit a crime.
    • Penalties: Felony charges with fines and imprisonment, severity depending on factors such as whether the building was occupied at the time.

Working With a Circleville Fraud and Theft Lawyer for The Best Outcome

An experienced Circleville fraud and theft defense lawyer like me, Matthew O’Leary, will navigate the court system with you and ensure you understand the process. An independent investigation will be done to help me dissect the case against you, allowing us to make sound decisions for our next steps. I have over 12 years of experience advocating for clients facing fraud or theft charges by negotiating plea agreements and advising you on alternative sentencing options. Ohio offers substance abuse treatment and a Theft Diversion Program that may be available to you during the sentencing phase of your case, which can eliminate incarceration time. Having a fraud and theft charge attorney working with you in Circleville is the wisest choice to pursue the best outcome, in some cases even expunging your convictions if desired in the future.

When Can A Circleville Fraud or Theft Attorney Help Me?

If you’ve been arrested or charged with fraud or theft, it’s important to speak with a fraud and theft defense lawyer in Circleville as soon as possible. The beginning stages of a case can be very confusing and disruptive to a person’s day-to-day affairs, but a knowledgeable Circleville fraud and theft attorney can mitigate the extra stress involved with handling each step in the legal process.

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