We understand that small business owners and their day-to-day issues whether legal or otherwise, differ very much from those of large corporations. We also know that even with legal issues that arise, budgets may be tighter for smaller business and will work to help you resolve disputes on a suitable hourly rate. 

There can be many issues associated with creating/forming, operating, and growing your small business and therefore it’s extremely important to find and work with a trusted attorney who intimately understands these.

 Small business matters can include:

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  • Forming your small business: get help putting together everything you need to establish your LLC, including your articles of organization, employer identification number (EIN), and your operating agreement.
  • Contracts for small businesses: as you get started with your small business, you may require a number of different, smaller contracts including service agreements, limitations of liability and waivers, and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Employee/employment issues: these can be reactive, such as issues with current employees or representing you against an employee who is filing a suit or claim, or they can be proactive in creating employee handbooks, hiring, termination, and sick leave policies. 
  • Business Litigation: litigation can and does happen to businesses of all sizes. When it’s necessary to file a lawsuit or defend against one, a small business attorney will work through the many stages of the litigation process with you to work towards your ideal outcome. 
  • Small business contractors and subcontractors: negotiating agreements can take time away from you being at your business and where you need to be. An experienced small business lawyer will work with you to create a satisfactory agreement for all parties. 
  • Non-compete agreements: understand your legal rights as a small business owner when one of your employees parts ways to protect you and the future of your business. 
  • Compliance agreements: these can include compliance with employment laws such as Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Ohio’s minimum wage law, Smoke Free Ohio, and other state and local laws. 

Find The Right Small Business Attorney In Circleville, Ohio 

At O’Leary Law, attorney Matt O’Leary will work you to help establish your small business and protect your rights as a small business owner. I will work to understand your unique circumstances, and discuss all of your legal rights and options in terms you understand and on the budget you have. He’s currently serving clients throughout central Ohio including in Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield, Madison, and Fayette counties.

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