How Can A Lawyer Help Me Start My Business?

Oleary Small Biz

Starting your own business takes a lot of time, money and effort. Additionally, many issues and laws usually arise that, unfortunately, take up even more time to sort through. With the variety of problems that come with starting your own business, it’s important to have protection and work with a trusted attorney to ensure you make the best legal decisions for your business.  

Finding the right small business attorney is important and at O’Leary Law Office, we’re here to help. O’Leary Law Office aims to assist small business matters, whether it’s legal terms of day-to-day operations or larger entities. No matter the situation, O’Leary Law Office is here for you and your small business. Here are just a few reasons why having a trusted attorney work with your small business is vital for your business success: 

  • Forming your Business – There are so many factors that need to be completed as you form your business such as developing your LLC, getting your employer identification number (EIN), finalizing your operating agreement, and setting up your articles of organization, just to name a few. Having a small business attorney behind you as you begin to form your business will help you through the processes of agreements, licenses, and liabilities of starting up a business. 
  • Contracts – Before and during the start-up of a business, there are often required contracts and agreements that have to be in place between investors, employers, and partners. Other contracts include service, compliance, and non-disclosure agreements. Small business attorneys can help you sort through and complete your contracts so you can advance your small business forward! 
  • Taxes – Taxes can be stressful, and especially when there’s a multitude of tax forms that weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your business. During tax filing season, it’s always nice to have a helping hand as you’re filing for taxes. Having a trusted attorney can help sort through your taxes and gain liability. 
  • Autonomy – When starting a business, more often than not, factors of your business will be arranged for you – and you might not even know it! With so many states establishing “Uniform Laws” for businesses and their operations as well as limitations, there’re small business laws you might’ve been unaware of. However, having a trusted, small business attorney can help educate you on all the imaginable laws and regulations that you might’ve missed. 
  • Liability – Putting your business at risk is… risky. Liability is key when it comes to beginning a business, and it’s important to understand and know your liability as a business owner. Being aware of your personal liability is crucial to starting a successful business, and small business attorneys like Matt O’Leary can help you gain liability and avoid risks before they happen. 

At O’Leary Law Office, our experienced attorneys can successfully help start your business and protect your business with legal rights. O’Leary Law Office can explain the legal process and legal laws that you’ll entail, by starting with your current circumstance. For every unique situation, attorney Matt O’Leary has a unique solution. 

If you’re considering or are currently in the midst of beginning your own business, contact us for a free phone call consultation to quickly find out what next legal steps you need to take to ensure your business starts smoothly.